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Thermally Fused Laminate with your choice of available cores in the highest quality western composite substrates.
Thermally Fused Laminate with your choice of environmentally sensitive cores.
Thermally Fused Laminate applied to a high density MDF industrial strength softwood plywood, resulting in a light-weight panel offering structural strength and durability.
Thermally Fused Laminate applied to medium density fibreboard resulting in unsurpassed quality and machinability, with smooth unblemished surfaces ideal for all applications.

Flexible Design and Manufacturing...

Specialty Laminates' lines of SpecLam™, SpecGreen™, SpecPly™ and SpecMDF™ products offer our customers flexibility when it comes to engineering creative design solutions including:

HPL design matches available Environmentally conscious panels Custom color matching available Private labeling programs available Customer specific labeling Panel size flexibility Thickness - 3/16" to 1.5" Dimensions - 4" x 6" to 5' x 10' Ability to manufacture custom orders

Size and thickness options...
Sizes Rollover to see sizes.
5ft X 6ft
5ft X 8ft
5ft X 10ft
4ft X 6ft
4ft X 8ft
4ft X 10ft
Thickness Rollover to see thickness.
1 1/2 in

Our valued substrate providers...